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Welcome to a new way to study for the FE Exam

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We believe in explaining tough concepts using an easy to understand approach. It doesn't matter if you're a recent engineering graduate or if you've been in the industry for awhile. You'll never have a hard time keeping up.

HD demonstration videos for every type of problem.

Speed up or slow down by increasing video playback speed up to 2x.

Realistic exam practice problems to test your knowledge in every subject.

Full-length solutions with visual aids to help you learn from your mistakes.

New subjects added each and every week (check back soon).

Unlimited email support any time you need help. Yes, really.

Check out the growing list of subjects below that we currently have worked out video examples of and practice problems for:

Online Syllabus

  • 1
    Welcome Instructions
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    Chapter 1.A. - Algebra and Trigonometry
    • Chapter 1.A. - Video Library
  • 3
    Chapter 1.E. - Calculus
    • Chapter 1.E. - Video Library
  • 4
    Chapter 6 - Circuit Analysis (DC and AC Steady State)
    • Chapter 6 - Video Library
    • Chapter 6 - Practice Problems
  • 5
    Chapter 7 - Linear Systems
    • Chapter 7 - Video Library
  • 6
    Chapter 9 - Electronics
    • Chapter 9 - Video Library
    • Chapter 9 - Practice Problems
  • 7
    Chapter 12 - Control Systems
    • Chapter 12 - Video Library
    • Chapter 12 - Practice Problems
  • 8
    Chapter 15 - Digital Systems
    • Chapter 15 - Video Library
    • Chapter 15 - Practice Problems
  • 9
    Looking for More?
    • Looking for More Content?

Created by Zach Stone, P.E.

From Electrical PE Review, INC

Zach Stone, P.E. has been helping electrical engineers pass the NCEES® PE exam and obtain their professional engineering license as the acting lead instructor for the popular online study program for the electrical power PE exam located at www.electricalpereview.com.

Now, he is overseeing the development of the online study program for the Electrical and Computer Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam.

Zach Stone, P.E. is a professionally licensed engineer in the state of Florida, passed both the FE and PE exam on the first try, and is the author of the Electrical Engineering PE Practice Exam and Technical Study Guide.

He can be found on LinkedIn.
Created by <span style=color:#F55947>Zach Stone, P.E.</span>

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